Our Philosophy


 Theological Competence

  • Lectures, seminars, exercisesand projects according tothe main disciplines:
  • » Old Testament
    » New Testament
    » Church History
    » Systematic Theology
    » Practical Theology
    » Christian Education
    » Church Music
    » Missiology
    » Counseling
  • Language courses (includingreading) in the biblical languages ofHebrew and Greek as well as Latin
  • Lectures and exercises inthe areas of Psychology andHistory of Philosophy


Personal Competence

  • Personality assessmentbefore studies begin
  • Weekly class tutorial as well asdevotions and cell groups
  • Personal mentorship sessionsbetween the student and instructors
  • Evaluation of the student‘s personalitythrough reports given by the mentorin the student‘s place of internship
  • Living and ministering together asstudents of an intercultural community
  • Weekly ministry by the students


Competence in Actions

  • Church ministry experiencebefore studies begin
  • Social ministry, churchministry and field ministryalongside studies
  • Exercises in practical theologyin churches in the form of Biblelessons or similar theologicaleducation of adults
  • Sermons accompanied by anevaluation by a lecturer througha personal conversation
  • Establishing of churches
  • Internship of social careand counseling
  • Outreaches to local churchesand non-denominationalevents in teams accompaniedby an instructor
  • Membership and workin a local church